Starting An Internet Marketing Business Online

Are you looking to start an internet marketing business online? If so, you need to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Don’t think you can just enter into this industry and expect to start making millions of dollars within the next 6 months. I get requests from people all the time telling me that they want to be making $5,000 per month within 3 months. And these are people who have never sold a thing online!

One thing that you need to know is that when starting an internet marketing business online, you “kind of” have the world at your feet. There’s plenty of places to advertise, there’s plenty of ways to get free traffic to your site, there’s plenty of business owners looking to learn how to do effective marketing online, and etc. So you can be kind of spoiled once you get your hands on some training materials.

But understand that you are operating in a HIGH competition arena. A smart thing that you could do is to offer internet marketing services to local small businesses in your area. Most offline small business owners don’t have a clue about how to market their business online. But in the online world, people have training thrown at them all the time.

So I guess the best question to ask yourself is: “How am I different?” Right?? You don’t want to be a “me-too” person when marketing your products and services online. This applies if you choose to be a coach, consultant, or sell products such as books, CD’s, DVD’s, or even magazines. So how are you different? How will you separate yourself from the pack and differentiate yourself from everyone else online who are making the same claims as you?

It’s something you need to think about when launching your own internet marketing business online. Where most people get tripped up at is when, they read someone’s free eBook about internet marketing, and then go and buy a large resell rights package that is ALL ABOUT internet marketing.

Each product in the package contains something about internet marketing. More often than not, the resell rights bundle may contain products about:

Email marketing
Forum marketing
YouTube marketing
General internet marketing
Consumer buying behavior
Etc (the list goes on and on)
And most of these people spend YEARS trying to figure out a way to sell these products – if not sell them as a bundle. OR if not resell the same offer that they bought to receive these items. After years of failure, they usually leave feeling depressed, broke, and convinced that making money online is impossible… if not a scam. And this is just not true.

All of these kinds of products are supposed to teach people about niche marketing. Especially a general product about internet marketing. The real pros who sell internet marketing products successfully sell them primarily for a good reason: THEY SELL THEM FOR VERY HIGH PRICES.

They sell one course about internet marketing at $200. Then they backend sell you for another similar course at $500. Then they sell you another similar course with huge bonuses for $1000. Then they sell their 3-day seminar and invite you to attend… for the price of $2000. THEN they convince you to sign up for their monthly newsletter or membership website, and charge you $50/month to join.

How rich do you think you would be if you were to successfully get people to buy your products at these price ranges?

Meanwhile, you’re being convinced that selling $19 eBooks will save you from your day job. This is just not the case. To make $100,000 by selling $19 eBooks, you would have to sell 5000 eBooks per year. That comes out to 416 eBooks per month. Which means you would have to sell 104 eBooks per week. Which thus means you would have to sell 14 eBooks per day.

How are you going to sell 13 eBooks per day and you’re struggling to make even a dime of profit selling a $5 eBook on eBay? You have to learn a lot about internet marketing if you want to make a lot of money in this business. ESPECIALLY if you’re selling information about “internet marketing”. If you’re not a guru and have been selling other niche products successfully online, don’t enter into this broad arena.

The gurus who are selling “internet marketing” products successfully have a plan that have worked well for them over the years. EVEN IF they lose money on the first sale of getting that first customer, they know how to recoup their lost, and then still profit on the next sale that they make from that customer.

They know their numbers. They know their sales conversion rate, their cost per lead, cost per sale, and their average long term value of a customer. Let me ask you a question:

If you knew that for every 1 customer you acquired, that you were going to make an average of $5000 over the lifetime of that customer spending money with you… would you care if you lost $5 just to acquire them in the first place? Of course you wouldn’t care.

But I’m sure you would care if you were spending $5 to acquire them, and then not selling to them again to recoup your profits. That would mean that for every customer you get, you would be losing $5 per sale… forever. You have to market to these customers over and over again to recoup a frontend loss. This is called “backend marketing”.

If you want to get started online in the internet marketing business, you have to bring your A-game and have a mathematical plan of how you’re going to make money. There’s a lot to learn, but once you gain an understanding of how marketing online works (and how marketing in general works)… you’ll be well on your way to success in your business.

If you’re going to buy a resell rights bundle package, at least READ the information in the products you acquired so that you can know how to sell them successfully. Don’t be a hopeless cause.

Negative Secrets Revealed About Your Internet Marketing Business And How They Will Help You

One Magical Site…one quick visit… one instant download…and PRESTO…in just one step, your Internet Marketing Business finds overnight Internet riches?

Now revealed: negative secrets about your Internet Marketing Business!


If you have, or are about to start an Internet Marketing Business…please read on…you will be glad you did.

Can an Internet Marketing Business really turn you into an instant MILLIONAIRE? Yes…but it is something like drilling for oil. Drilling for oil? If you are like Jed Clampett, your chances of striking oil are slim to none. If you are a large, rich, oil company with vast resources, cutting edge technology, the latest and greatest equipment and a little luck…your chances are much improved.

If you are an aspiring Internet marketer, there is not likely going to be one book or one report or one tool or one piece of software or one membership site or one download that will make you rich. Can you get rich off the net…again, yes…but your chances are about the same as in any other business… about 3 to 5 % and latest figures lean more toward 3%.

Can you make a living off the net? Yes, but still only a small percent do so. Here are some of the secrets that you need to be aware of….THE NEGATIVE SECRETS!

The negative secrets?

You are usually working alone, instead of with others. Two or more heads are better than one. If you have a question, problem, or need advice, you have only yourself (find a reliable source of help…see author’s bio).
You have no boss. Bosses can be of help, bosses can train, bosses can answer questions, can correct mistakes, etc.
You have no plan. You will need a plan, a process, an outline, a track to run on.
You do not treat your Internet Marketing Business like a business. Most Internet marketers treat their Internet Marketing Business as a hobby or a sideline. If it is just a hobby, OK. If you want to realize growth and profit and more, you will need to run your business like a business.
You are led to believe that there is a magical, mystical process (ebook, download etc. that contains all the answers). You will find that your Internet marketing business will take time…uh oh…time…NOT instant…NOT overnight. “The Process” is a learning process …a continuous learning process which takes TIME.
You spend unnecessary money on these magical processes. Most aspiring Internet marketers are guilty of purchasing these magical processes, only to find that they were USELESS (experienced marketers…will purchase these individually or as a group in order to test drive them before recommending them as an affiliate).
You are not aware of an overwhelming learning curve that CANNOT be bypassed. You purchased your magical process and that is all you think you need….WHOA! If you were lucky enough to make a GOOD purchase…you still and always will have much to learn…never ending. If your purchase was a poor process, then you are building your Internet marketing business on a bad foundation, and you do not know it.
You are not aware of the time and effort that you will need to invest. You will need to spend time for your business and you MUST set aside time to learn and learn and learn.
Am I trying to depress you…NO. Why so negative, then? Your being aware of these facts will be of significant help.

HOW? How can all this negative stuff be of any help or value? Please bear with me.

If you are running a business and there is a problem…you fix it. With a new Internet marketing business and with many established Internet marketing businesses, there may be a number of problems…but…these problems are not fixed. Huh? How can you fix a problem…if…if you do not know that you have a problem…if you do not know what the problem is…if you know what the problem is, but are not aware of the solution. If you are fortunate enough to be able to identify the problem(s)…you are probably able to fix it or will soon find a solution. Knowledge is the key, and you can only acquire this knowledge through dedicated learning.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…unfortunately, for most, it is broke and you don’t know it!

Enough negatives…let us look at some positives that might help.

Knowledge…be aware that you have much to learn and since the net is changing so fast, be aware that you will always need to be learning. Ugh, all this learning sounds like work. If you are allergic to work, well, you are probably too lazy to read this far, but if you have read this far …do us both a favor (email me …see author’s bio…when you find that one hour per day Internet marketing business plan that will create thousands or millions of dollars, overnight).

Do you really believe that you can get something for nothing? “You reap what you sow” is not just a saying, it is a
LAW OF NATURE. You can ignore that law…it is still the law. You can embrace that law, exploit that law, and make some money! The more you sow the more you reap! Think about this, please. The more you put in, the more you will receive. Yes…that means work, time, and effort…but you will be rewarded accordingly.

There are few opportunities other than Internet marketing that can offer so much (if you will do your part). I remember a supervisory position that I had, I ran 90%+ production and 2-3% reject rate…the other supervisors averaged 70% production (Uptime) and 12-15% reject rate. So what…who cares…bottom line was that after a few years I had gotten all the raises that I could (I made $5.00 per week less than my boss and could only advance if someone left or died). The “reap what you sow ” law had maxed out, but will never max out on the net! PS…how did I achieve such results…after about a year, I learned how to be in two places at once, which made things easier-grin.

I wish that I could say that if you learn all you can and work as hard as you can that you will be assured of Internet Marketing Business success. I can promise you this…do not learn and do not work and you can definitely be assured of failure! There are also other ingredients such as attitude and self esteem…see author’s bio.

I have put together websites full of resources and helpful information (see author’s bio), and the thread that runs through these websites, ebooks, reports etc., is…the necessity to learn and learn and work and work at your Internet Marketing Business.

There are laws of nature that apply to all businesses and the Internet is no different. There are many scammers that want you to believe that there is a secret magical formula which will make any Internet marketing business rich in no time and they have it…and you can download it for so many dollars. It has been our experience that over 90% of these offers are worthless, so be careful when making a purchase. This unfortunate fact has led us to the establishment of an Internet Marketing Business testing and review committee…membership is free but each member has their share of testing, evaluation and cost. What does this mean to you? Our ability to do more testing and find more products that are worthy not worthless! Our intention is that we do not recommend any product, service, software, download etc. that we would not use ourselves. By the way, “What goes around, comes around” is another one of those laws, and we choose to embrace it.

Most internet marketing business opportunities are designed to capitalize on “GREED”, “YOUR GREED”. Again, please be careful about your purchases.


Cost, of course, is important and wasting your money is no fun…but even more importantly, is the fact that you will get burned and burned and burned and sooner or later, quit. If 9 out of 10 opportunities are useless, then your chances of getting the help and direction that you need are only about 10%…not too good. With care and research (do not buy on impulse), your chances are much improved.

In conclusion: Your Internet Marketing Business will benefit more from wise and generous investment of your time and effort, rather than your money. When you do make a monetary investment for your Internet Marketing Business, please look before you leap…uh oh…another one of those laws?-smile.

Tips on Having Successful Internet Marketing

It has always been dog-eat-dog in the world of marketing, and internet marketing is no exception. Every entrepreneur should be aware that one must always be ahead of the game or the business will die a natural death. In this ‘Web Age’, the Internet is proven to be one of the most feasible places to execute a marketing plan. Just consider how many out of trillions of the world population log-on every minute and they do this for a lot of reasons. Some people find shopping, eating, even looking for a potential more convenient in front of the computer. People practically see the whole world in just a click of a mouse. More and more establishments convert their station as a wi-fi zone. Gadgets are set up the way a web-addict want them to be. Open your eyes and you would realize that the world is already Internet-dominated which gives every entrepreneur a chance to expand their business into a globally-known service provider without having to put up factories or kiosk in every state or country. Some might say that effective internet marketing strategies only require common sense to figure out but there are so many online entrepreneurs especially beginners have seen how it reverberates without methods. Internet marketing strategies take one rational mind and one skeptic capitalist as a matter of fact. Admit it or not, no one can survive the stormy weather without a good web master. Below are some of the most useful tips that may give you an idea on how to catch up and move ahead in the world of internet marketing.
Be afraid that your marketing stunts might fall short and get shelved if you do not prepare a good action plan. Have a comprehensive and systematic diagram of your web marketing plans, web design concepts and web development ideas to go with your business. While everything can be always trial-and-error, avoid making your internet marketing techniques one. Always be sure and prepared and this will not be possible without a map in your hands. You will not get lost in the thicket of internet marketing if you know the directions.
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is has been proven to be one of the best Internet marketing strategies, through which you can give your business name a priority in search engines like Google and Yahoo. Not only should your web site contain major keywords or searchable terms, you can also publish articles, features, blogs, reviews, and press releases. At the same time, distribute these articles and PRs and top news-oriented or magazine-oriented web sites. You can also find affiliate and reseller sites to get your name recognized. Scatter your firm and collect visitors but use attractive banners and interesting catch lines or phrases to arouse the users’ curiosity.
Once your site, which should look really gorgeous, decent, smart and full of character, is open get your visitors more holed by creating promos and contents. Entrepreneurs should be able to give to be able to receive.
Build friendly relationship with your visitors to make them feel valued. In turn, they will promote your web site by mouth to first degree friends down to the last.The above-mentioned tips are some of the proven best internet marketing strategies that you can employ on your way to online marketing success.

Internet Marketing, a Modern Place to Promote Your Business

In the last ten years marketing via the internet has been going from strength to strength, as it’s evolved, also the way we do business has changed and that of the “business worlds” view of the Internet plus its possibilities for marketing and sales. The view of the consumer has also changed, as confidence has grown annually in the virtual world platform we all know as the internet.Our appetites’ as consumers for more and more information makes it easier for businesses and companies to soft sell through subliminal advertising or more blatant targeted ad campaigns. So, what’s it all about? And what do many of the modern web marketing terms mean? Plus what internet marketing techniques can be used for the majority of businesses on a daily or monthly basis? If you are new to the world of the internet with regards promoting your business online, or you are keen to understand more about it all, here we will explore the basics of SEO and SEM, which are modern ways to promote your business as an internet marketing technique.Probably the most banded about internet marketing term used currently is “Search Engine Optimization” (or “SEO” as it’s know in the marketing trade). Though this can mean and also be many things, normally it’s a term used for a way to tweak and/or change either page copy and / or “Meta info” or Key Words in the coding your website (usually this can be adjusted or changed by your web designer who manages your website), but in reality this is just the tip of the iceberg. SEO is generally used (& desired) to attract and raise your page ranking (or score) and search listings in searches carried out with the major search engines, predominately Google and in turn this can bring extra internet user traffic to your website, which is the ultimate goal.There are other methods of SEO that can be deployed to assist in gaining much welcomed net user traffic to your company’s website. There is also a dark side to SEO that you will need to be aware of & it’s referred to as “Black Hat SEO”. This is where the SEO operative uses cheats or techniques that are less desirable by the search engine companies like Google and could lead to your website URL being blocked or non-listed in search ranking results, which will ultimately have a negative effect on your business.Search Engine Marketing (or SEM) is another term widely referred to these days by many internet marketing companies; in essence it’s aimed towards using means and techniques to use contextual terms or phrases to achieve more relevancy regarding search engine searches and their rankings. This often achieved by link building which is used widely, not just sharing reciprocal links but also using networking or web directory websites, although many are free, but the better ones tend to be paid for links.The best advice is, if you are not sure or new to this area of marketing; find a reputable and reliable Direct Response Advertising company to take care of the SEO, SEM and the general Internet Marketing needs for your business. Agree a budget with them and make sure you receive a monthly report and breakdown of the search results performance for the Internet marketing campaign for your website, so you can track the results.